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I WISH was founded by three women who had a clear vision having seen a major issue in the tech industry with its underpopulated female workforce and with many businesses finding it difficult to solve the imbalances due to a lack of females applying for these jobs. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are well known to be fields where women are under-represented, and from this fact the IWISH Conference and Exhibition was born. Real Nation planned & executed a conference based on this vision that was designed to enable Ireland’s companies to transform female student’s attitudes and behaviours and to encourage young women to make careers for themselves in the male-dominated STEM fields. The I WISH Conference 2016 hosted to 2,000 students in City Hall, Cork, over the course of two days. Featuring dozens of speakers and exhibits from over 30 organisations the conference inspired young women to pursue STEM education; in the hopes of filing the ever growing demands for STEM qualified workers in Ireland. Connector stand and exhibitor pods ensured that every student in attendance had the chance to meet with each of the exhibitors.

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