We are the
change agency

Real Change

The operational arm of PSYCHOLOGY & LEARNING empowering choice and change. Our work is evidenced based, IMPACTFUL & AWARD-WINNING.

Change begins here.

Our Behaviour
Change Programme...

…has a HIGHER AMBITION than traditional communications

…incorporates potent STIMULI & MOTIVATORS (intrinsic and extrinsic)

…is based on the PRACTICAL APPLICATION of psychological theories

…uses EVIDENCE-INFORMED best practice

…is focused on CULTIVATING AND PRIMING new ways of behaving

…use MULTI-FACETED APPROACHES including traditional marketing
communications and teaching methodologies 

And can result in award winning:

Educational programmes
Consumer campaigns
Experiential events
Largescale events & conferences
Conclusive research findings
Communications strategies
Learning and development initiatives

Real world examples

Some of our most recent work.

The Real Deal

Clients that we have worked with.


The company was formed in 2000 and now employs over 40 specialist educators, teachers, psychologists, communications professionals, project and event managers working across both government and private sectors.